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    There is something magical about the dark of the night – the mysterious lights from office windows floating in the middle of the night, the flickering neon lights, the sleepy lamp post on a deserted and dark street. Night photography is an exciting but demanding endeavor. The challenge of capturing scintillating images depends on whether your camera is designed for night photography and on some simple techniq
    Capturing the nude body in photography is capturing what is beautiful and what is sensual. However, since beauty is sometimes elusive and can only be seen by trained eyes, it can be very difficult to take a stunning photo of a nude body. It requires patience and skills. Like da Vinci in drawing the "Vitruvian Man", the photographer must be familiar with proportions. Like Michaelangelo in sculpting "D
    A graveyard with a misplaced "Parking Space" sign. A piglet making massage to another one. A funny roadside attraction showing an epitaph, "Here lies the last trespasser." A little girl picking her little brother’s nose. An Asian woman in bathing suit holding a huge umbrella while taking a splash on the beach. A man running naked in the middle of a tennis match. Is something comical going
    Landscapes and portraits provide you a great opportunity to learn about elements of photography, but still life can also improve your compositional skills and sense of lighting. With still life photography, you make a picture rather than take it. It gives you more control in arranging elements within a composition. Unlike landscapes, still life gives you more control over the lighting. Unlike portrait subjects, st
    You have seen it everywhere, from special episodes on weird tv or inspiration for the next Hollywood sci-fi flick. Either that or you know someone who claims to have either seen them firsthand or has actual physical evidence they took from their camera. Whatever the case maybe, there is so much paranormal going around you would think you are the last person on earth who has not experienced anything unusual in your
    If you’ve only started your hand in macro photography, you will discover that you have a lot of options at hand because of the wide range of subjects available. However, if you do want to focus on the different flora that is available in your very own backyard as well as neighborhood, then by all means, start there. After all, macro photography on flowers is a very good place to start. Contrary to what most
    Freelance photography is one of the most rewarding careers which has the possibility of taking you around the world or maybe even just around the country if you wish. You might need to have a little experience under your belt and some convincing photos but once you’ve had considerable experience working under a particular field, then you will be rewarded. Here are just some of the viable markets that are avai
    In 1939, Semyon Kirlian discovered by accident that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a high-voltage electric field, an image is created on the plate. The image looks like a colored halo or coronal discharge. This image is said to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or "life force" which allegedly surrounds each living thing. ExplanationsAllegedly, this special method of

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