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    Fashion photography is one of better paid genres of photography. And definitely the most glamorous. Most of the time, budding fashion photographers are put down more times than they’re picked up in the fashion industry. But you’ll be given a chance if you have a great talent and a unique eye for style. So here are some fashion photography tips that may help beginners out there: Be prepared Don’t
    Self-portrait photography is tough for many reasons. For one, you cannot see how you look until you check the shot. Setup can also be very time consuming because you have to run back and forth when setting the timers. Focus is also difficult because you cannot see where the focus rests. But self-portrait photography can be very fun. Here are some tried and tested ideas to help you get that perfect self-portrait sho
    Surfing, rafting, wakeboarding, and the likes are some of the most exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping sports. The splash and the rush of the water make water sports a good subject of photography. But shooting water sports can be a challenge. Here are some tips that might help you when shooting water sports: Planning is key What separates a great photo from a mediocre snapshot is the careful planning that goes into ta
    Plants provide food, oxygen, and shelter. But they also give us magic, a visual poetry, and a sense of wonder. It is this beauty many photographers try to convey within their photos. Sometimes the beauty is subtle. Sometimes it is brazen. The beauty is always there, but it takes time to discover it. Here are some garden photography tips that can help you capture the beauty of gardens. Don’t shoot at noon Do n
    Family portraits are among the first things we see when visiting a family’s home. They are important because they not only capture moments and memories, but they also represent a heritage to the family. However, many people take family portraits for granted. This explains why we say, "Oh, so that’s your family" too often when we see family portraits. Rarely do we say, "Wow, what a great p
    Wedding photography is one of the most stressful and demanding types of photography. Sure, portrait photography or sports photography or wildlife photography may be more difficult than wedding photography, but there are many things that make wedding photography very challenging. For one, you only have one chance at a wedding and you can’t re-shoot in case you mess up. So an equipment failure could spell disa
    Turn the pages of your mom’s cookbook and you’ll be blown away by the mouthwatering recipes accompanied by superb photos of the foods being written about. A heavenly raspberry sorbet, served in a fresh coconut on a shiny black plate and playfully decorated with colorful edible flowers and lime slices – these kinds of shots, you know. For casual shooters or even ambitious amateur photographers, ta
    All of us, especially the beginners, have committed some mistakes in taking digital photos. Even professional photographers make some mistakes from time to time. This article identifies the top 4 photo mistakes – namely, poor lighting, poor composition, red-eye, and blurry photos – and suggests some ways to fix them. Mistake # 1: Poor lighting Digital photography is about having a great lighting to ca
    All of us have at one time been enthralled by sports photos. It may be Kerri Strug’s gold-winning performance in the 1996 Athens Olympics, and the image of her limping after damaging her ankle on vault. It may be an image of the hot-tempered Marat Safin smashing a tennis racket after losing a point. Or it may even be a naked man chased around by policemen in the middle of a Wimbledon match. We all love the hu
    Right, so it is your first time to try your hand at nude photography. You have carefully studied the human form and have all the theories you need for application. Now, here is one of the most difficult parts before you can start taking shots: finding a suitable model. This is not much of a problem if you are well-known photographers who have an impressive portfolio, a state-of-the-art studio, and professional busi