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    If you think your photos are good enough to be published in a magazine, then go ahead and sell your photos. Here are some tips you might want to consider when selling your photos to a magazine. Find their address You have to contact publishers directly before you sell your photos. Once you found their address, send them your very best photo(s). You can find the address on the publisher’s information page list
    One of the basic principles in basic photography is framing. Simply put, it is the idea of filling up the whole frame with your subject. Getting closer shots means you get to see more details of your subject, thus capturing more features of the subject and more emotion if it is a picture of a person. This is one of the simplest photo techniques yet, it is also one of the hardest to master. For beginners, it is imp
    Depth of field is defined as the range in a scene, from near to far, that is in sharp focus. Depth of field provides depth, among other things, to your picture, thus giving it life, not like a flat two-dimensional photograph. Technically, depth of field is achieved when there are subjects in various distance in relation to the lens. You then adjust the focus by manipulating the aperture. A smaller aperture creates
    Dabbling in photography is one of the most creative things that you will ever get yourself into. However, there will come a time that simply "dabbling" just won’t do it. You will eventually want to get into photography as a profession. If this crosses your mind, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about taking pictures for a living. You may want to learn by yourself and get some online photograp
    Nowadays, you will discover that there are thousands upon thousands of online resources that you will be able to look at if you’re looking for photography material. If you’re looking for quality material online, you need not look any further. boasts of their excellent online photography courses as well as the different avenues that they provide so that you will be able to learn and appl
    Whenever someone hears the idea of shooting stock photography, their minds flitter away to thoughts of expensive camera gear which would cost an arm, a leg and maybe even more. However, shooting stock photography isn’t as hard as it may seem-and it definitely isn’t as expensive. Here are some tips on how to shoot beautiful and profitable stock photos that you can sell in the future. Get out One of the
    In today’s hi-tech world, you have a slew of options to choose from. From various auto-focus cameras to the next-generation waterproof ones, the photographer today has virtually limitless potential to take that perfect picture. However, because of the advantages that are available to each person technologically, the equalizer for any person who’s taking pictures is the composition. This is the factor t
    Being able to choose the right aperture is very vital for a photographer because the aperture basically controls a lot of different elements within a picture. But first of all, let’s start with a definition of what “aperture” means. Since a camera’s function is to mainly gather light, there should be sort of a filter in which the light passes through. This is the aperture of a lens. The len
    So now, you’ve been able to acquire that point-and-shoot camera that you’ve always been dreaming of. Now you think you’re ready to take great pictures that will be the talk of the town. But wait! Before you go on and fire away, be sure to read on and follow these seven steps on how to shoot better point-and-shoot pictures. Tip 1: Be sure to read the manual. All gadgets have an instruction manual.

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