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    So it’s already the Fourth of July and you’re getting ready to take lots of photographs with your camera. You’ve already booked a nice view in a tall building or maybe even your office has let you go up the penthouse floor to get a good view of the light show while you put in some overtime work. However, when you attempted to take pictures of the fireworks last year, they all turned out blurry and
    One of the most important things that a photographer needs to get a good, solid grasp on is lighting. A photographer should always be mindful of his surrounding and the lighting that it provides towards a particular subject. For example, a photographer must be concerned with the warmth, depth, form, contrast, color and texture of the subject that he wants to capture. However, all of these things will be unavailabl
    There is always a season that photographers are always eager to explore. It is the months of snow and the landscapes of white that comes in the season of winter. Although it is a harsh season that brings about the downpour and prevalence of white, it is still a season that offers a wide range of photographic beauty for the budding photographer. For one thing, the sunrise in some states such as Minnesota is quite l
    Being a photography buff doesn’t always mean waiting for a nice, sunny day to step out of the house and take pictures. Bad weather can mean opportunities to take that shot that stands out from the rest of the pack.  Rainy days for example, gives you a chance to play around with reflections. Take that photo of the puddle reflecting the flashy neon sign and the sexy girl standing underneath.