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    Digital cameras today have become quite capable of getting better quality pictures than before, thanks to new technology developed to make it all possible. But still, taking great pictures using digital cameras may also depend on the one using it. No technology in the world can help people get clearer and better pictures with their digital cameras if they do not exactly know how to properly use their equipment. Her
      Usually, when you buy something, you are going to have to purchase additional items. If you buy a laptop, you will need a stylish but functional bag to carry it. If you buy a bicycle, you will have to buy a lock and a helmet. If you purchase a cell phone, you will probably pay for the case or memory card. The same thing goes for digital cameras. If you want to have it all and complete the set, there are man
    Many people believe that digital cameras do all the work in shooting digital photos. After all, you only have to push the button and amazing photos magically appear right before your eyes. This is not true, of course. You can make beautiful images using a simple camera or lousy photos using the most expensive digicam available in the market. The point is that fantastic shots are not due to the type of camera alo
    Since everyone else is into digital photography, it would be a very useful skill if you would learn how to manipulate your images since a traditional darkroom for your JPEGs would simply be out of the question. Learning how to adjust the levels of your image in Adobe Photoshop is one of the best things that you will learn. The levels of an image simply affects the shadows and the highlights of your picture. By usi
    Photography is quite interesting in and of itself and when you print your photos, to see the fruits of your labor take shape and physical form is even much more fulfilling. When you print your photographs on traditional paper, these photographs are either cropped or  it could be that there are some areas in your paper that are left blank. That is due to the present aspect ratio of the photograph. Here, we insp
    If you have decided to pursue digital photography but you still do not have any idea about it, you should first familiarize yourself with some terms first. In order to understand what other digital photography articles are talking about, you need to know some basic terms about the craft. Digital photography presents a whole new group of terms, abbreviations and other jargons that require getting used to, especially
    The future of digital photography lies in the balance. With the advent of several improvements in digital imaging technology has invited other industry players to try their hand in the digital photography business. The past has seen third-party camera lenses providers enter the DSLR market and other imaging solutions also taking a bite out of the same cake. However, the range of the future of digital photography is
    As the dawn of the new digital age continues to increasingly push forward, the field of photography has advanced as well. In photography, people are not limited anymore by the constricting elements of rolls and rolls of film or compromised quality because of grain and noise. Now, there is the option of going digital. For digital cameras, they pose various advantages which are evident from the moment that you are ab
    Photoshop has a feature that can precisely adjust and remap the different tonal values of an image or any channel of an image. This is found in the curves feature of Photoshop which can be appropriately accessed by going to the Image tab > Adjustments > Curves. This command in Photoshop is very unlike the "Levels" command of Photoshop which has limited points which concern an image’s highligh
    There is an ongoing debate as to whether digital capture will replace traditional film capture. The introduction of new technology has breathed life into the film photograph. There are many advantages of using digital capture over traditional film capture. So when must one use digital capture? Large-format printing If you would like to print whatever you would like to print, it would be best if you used digital cam