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    The thrill of outdoor photography is that you will never know when a dramatic scene would come up. But travel photography should not be left to chance. One should know the best times in a day when to expect dramatic lighting and take good shots. The best times to anticipate for dramatic lighting are just before or after a storm. Often, downpours end with dozens of brilliant rays of sun peeking through the clouds.
    Lighting is important in photography, whether it is a studio portrait or an outdoor landscape. It gives detail, depth, and emotion to the image. In the same way, the source and the direction from which light comes from and strikes the subject, relative to the position of the camera, has a significant effect on color, form, and texture in the photo. There are three kinds of lighting and we would discuss each one of
    Utilizing the power of the flash in photography could help the budding artist in you get the most out of your pictures. But caution not to abuse the flash since this may backfire and work against you. Flash is most helpful in taking action shots, freezing that single instant without blurring the subject and the details. Flash also makes sure that pictures would not get blurred if the film has low ISO or grainy if
    If you’re into travel photography like most of the photographers out there, then you probably want to get the same photos that they have under their belt. However, some people are disillusioned into thinking that as long as your camera is an expensive one, it will automatically adjust the settings for you. However, you should know that this is far from the truth. Most of the beautiful light that you will fin
    Everybody would like to get richer and deeper colors in their photographs. It is one of the trademarks of a good photographer to be able to get vivid colors in their photographs. So here are some techniques for you to apply so the next time you take a color photograph, you’ll be able to get more out of the colors that are available to you. Use a narrow tonal range You might have a bit of a problem when you t
    Some people are used to having a light meter tell them what aperture they should use. In bright daylight, photographers usually employ light meters in order to get the correct aperture setting. This can mean the difference between a photograph that is overexposed or underexposed. Therefore, these things are invaluable to the photographer. But what if there comes a time that a light meter is not available to the pho

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