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    Black and white images have been considered by many people as a thing of the past since the arrival of color photography. But for those people who see photography an art, of black and white photography is a thing of the present. Now, using your digital camera, you can easily give black and white photography a try. Choosing black and white Many believe that removing color from a photo can make it lifeless. On the c
    Many black and white photographers are into portraits. This is a favorite subject because black and white portraits are elegant and powerful and have timeless quality that is difficult to match in color. Not only this type of photography produces great images, it also brings out what is usually not seen in other photographs – the person and the character behind the face. It lays bare the subject’s soul
    A golden field of rice ready to be harvested, contrasted with the lush green leaves of the surrounding trees, will look very lively against deep blue sky with wispy cloud formations, when it is photographed in full color. But the drama of the landscape is usually lost in black and white photography, as the lively colors all dissolve into dull shades of gray. Of course, many good photographers are able to reflect in
    Ever since the arrival of the "digital" SLR, people have been joining the photography bandwagon at a blinding rate. Now, you are able to switch between color and black and white photography. Here are just three important tips on black and white photography that you can immediately use when you’re doing your shooting. Shoot In RAW Most DSLRs right now are able to shoot in the RAW mode. This is proba
    Darkroom? Check. Roll of pictures you’ve taken? Check Now, we get to the dirty business of processing film. Processing your own films ensures quality and control. The only thing that you need to know is how to exactly process that precious roll of pictures. Here are the steps on how to process your very own roll of black and white pictures: Step 1: Have your tools spread out in front of you. Film cassette, ca
    Shooting in black and white becomes more vivid when you put a colored filter on your camera lens. Using different color filters create different results. Here is your basic guide to this photography technique. Red filter – Red tends to have a dramatic effect as it lightens the yellows and reds while darkening the blues of the sky. This brings a dull photograph jump to life. Red filters are

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