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    What does it really take to have breathtaking landscape photos? Those photos that make you want to pick up your hiking shoes and bag and head out for the wild. Some people will say that the subjects are the main thing in outdoor photography. Others will argue for talent, style, and creative vision. On top of that, hundreds of thousands of photography forum gurus will insist that you don’t have a chance if
    Right, so it is your first time to try your hand at nude photography. You have carefully studied the human form and have all the theories you need for application. Now, here is one of the most difficult parts before you can start taking shots: finding a suitable model. This is not much of a problem if you are well-known photographers who have an impressive portfolio, a state-of-the-art studio, and professional busi
    Black and white images have been considered by many people as a thing of the past since the arrival of color photography. But for those people who see photography an art, of black and white photography is a thing of the present. Now, using your digital camera, you can easily give black and white photography a try. Choosing black and white Many believe that removing color from a photo can make it lifeless. On the c
      Usually, when you buy something, you are going to have to purchase additional items. If you buy a laptop, you will need a stylish but functional bag to carry it. If you buy a bicycle, you will have to buy a lock and a helmet. If you purchase a cell phone, you will probably pay for the case or memory card. The same thing goes for digital cameras. If you want to have it all and complete the set, there are man
    Many people believe that digital cameras do all the work in shooting digital photos. After all, you only have to push the button and amazing photos magically appear right before your eyes. This is not true, of course. You can make beautiful images using a simple camera or lousy photos using the most expensive digicam available in the market. The point is that fantastic shots are not due to the type of camera alo
    Many black and white photographers are into portraits. This is a favorite subject because black and white portraits are elegant and powerful and have timeless quality that is difficult to match in color. Not only this type of photography produces great images, it also brings out what is usually not seen in other photographs – the person and the character behind the face. It lays bare the subject’s soul
    Rain photography is categorized under nature photography. It usually requires the photographer to go outside, so it’s also considered outdoor photography. Once you get through dealing with potential resistance from family and friends to go outdoors, and despite the risk of getting colds, you’ll see how rain gives you new dimensions of photography opportunities. But many photographers, even professiona
    A golden field of rice ready to be harvested, contrasted with the lush green leaves of the surrounding trees, will look very lively against deep blue sky with wispy cloud formations, when it is photographed in full color. But the drama of the landscape is usually lost in black and white photography, as the lively colors all dissolve into dull shades of gray. Of course, many good photographers are able to reflect in
    The thrill of outdoor photography is that you will never know when a dramatic scene would come up. But travel photography should not be left to chance. One should know the best times in a day when to expect dramatic lighting and take good shots. The best times to anticipate for dramatic lighting are just before or after a storm. Often, downpours end with dozens of brilliant rays of sun peeking through the clouds.
    Lighting is important in photography, whether it is a studio portrait or an outdoor landscape. It gives detail, depth, and emotion to the image. In the same way, the source and the direction from which light comes from and strikes the subject, relative to the position of the camera, has a significant effect on color, form, and texture in the photo. There are three kinds of lighting and we would discuss each one of