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    Family portraits are among the first things we see when visiting a family’s home. They are important because they not only capture moments and memories, but they also represent a heritage to the family. However, many people take family portraits for granted. This explains why we say, "Oh, so that’s your family" too often when we see family portraits. Rarely do we say, "Wow, what a great p
    Wedding photography is one of the most stressful and demanding types of photography. Sure, portrait photography or sports photography or wildlife photography may be more difficult than wedding photography, but there are many things that make wedding photography very challenging. For one, you only have one chance at a wedding and you can’t re-shoot in case you mess up. So an equipment failure could spell disa
    Pets have their spot in our hearts, with many of us proudly displaying their portraits on our wall or desk like true best friends. However taking photos of your pet isn’t always easy. Unlike humans, pets won’t just pose for your camera since they don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Here are some simple but effective photography tips to help you capture the cutest image of your pet. Us
    Turn the pages of your mom’s cookbook and you’ll be blown away by the mouthwatering recipes accompanied by superb photos of the foods being written about. A heavenly raspberry sorbet, served in a fresh coconut on a shiny black plate and playfully decorated with colorful edible flowers and lime slices – these kinds of shots, you know. For casual shooters or even ambitious amateur photographers, ta
    If you think your photos are good enough to be published in a magazine, then go ahead and sell your photos. Here are some tips you might want to consider when selling your photos to a magazine. Find their address You have to contact publishers directly before you sell your photos. Once you found their address, send them your very best photo(s). You can find the address on the publisher’s information page list
    We just love to hit the beach. Not only does it provide nice tan lines, it also presents photographers with wonderful opportunities – natural beauty, great colors, and interesting light. Here are some tips that might help you come up with great beach photos. Look for interesting focal points Many people think all beach photos look the same. Well, this is true if you don’t look beyond those clich&eacut
    All of us, especially the beginners, have committed some mistakes in taking digital photos. Even professional photographers make some mistakes from time to time. This article identifies the top 4 photo mistakes – namely, poor lighting, poor composition, red-eye, and blurry photos – and suggests some ways to fix them. Mistake # 1: Poor lighting Digital photography is about having a great lighting to ca
    Landscapes and portraits provide you a great opportunity to learn about elements of photography, but still life can also improve your compositional skills and sense of lighting. With still life photography, you make a picture rather than take it. It gives you more control in arranging elements within a composition. Unlike landscapes, still life gives you more control over the lighting. Unlike portrait subjects, st
    Taking impressive photographs of animals can be a real challenge, especially if you’re shooting in the wild. For one, you can teach a cat to climb a tree but you can’t tell a tiger, "Hey you, please go stand beside that rock, show your claws and say cheese." This article offers some helpful tips to help you capture great photos of your furry, feathered, or scaly friends. Snap quickly and oft
    All of us have at one time been enthralled by sports photos. It may be Kerri Strug’s gold-winning performance in the 1996 Athens Olympics, and the image of her limping after damaging her ankle on vault. It may be an image of the hot-tempered Marat Safin smashing a tennis racket after losing a point. Or it may even be a naked man chased around by policemen in the middle of a Wimbledon match. We all love the hu