family portraitFamily portraits are among the first things we see when visiting a family’s home. They are important because they not only capture moments and memories, but they also represent a heritage to the family. However, many people take family portraits for granted. This explains why we say, "Oh, so that’s your family" too often when we see family portraits. Rarely do we say, "Wow, what a great portrait!"

Family portraits can be very boring if there is nothing to catch your attention. This happens for a number of reasons: lack of preparation, poor attire selection, lack of creativity, and very poor lighting. Here are some tips that might help you achieve an extraordinary family portrait.


Before you endeavor in the delightfulness of family portrait photography, you should know when the family is most social. Are they morning people? Some people are not in the mood in the morning, but get very sociable after lunch. If children are going to participate in the portrait, make sure that they are fully fed and rested.

What would you prefer, formal or casual feel? A casual portrait looks more natural. It also makes the portrait more personal and unique. But if you want to achieve a classical look of a very polished family, then go for the more formal feel.

Will the photo be taken outdoors or indoors? If you are shooting outdoors, make sure that members of the family wear something that suits the weather.

Select comfortable and coordinated attire

Selecting what to wear is one of the most important decisions in doing family portraits. Consider what the background or foreground will be or what kind of look you are going for. Make sure that the attire goes well with the background or foreground and that it does not distract the viewers. The attire should be coordinated from head to toe. Do not go for trendy styles or patters that may date the portrait.

Also make sure that family members complement each other. Finally, they should wear comfortable clothes, especially for children. The more comfortable they are, the happier they become. This positive affect will be reflected more naturally in the portrait.

Be creative

Do not just take photos for the sake of taking family portraits. Come up with an interesting theme for the portrait. Perhaps dress up as football players and have the photo taken at the field. Or dress up as Victorian people and arrange the photo session in a fabulous garden. It could make for an impressive and memorable photo.