catPets have their spot in our hearts, with many of us proudly displaying their portraits on our wall or desk like true best friends. However taking photos of your pet isn’t always easy. Unlike humans, pets won’t just pose for your camera since they don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Here are some simple but effective photography tips to help you capture the cutest image of your pet.

Use natural light

Natural lighting will do wonders to your pet’s photo. Have your pet near a window. There should be plenty of natural light originating from behind you. This is the best option. The second best option is to have a natural light coming from your side.

You should avoid direct sunlight because it can change natural coloring. It can also increase the shadow-light contrast, hiding some important features. Lastly, don’t use a flash to avoid red-eye and to avoid distorting the true shading and coloring of your pet. You can use flash, however, if the pet has a black coat to bring out texture and shading.

Go to your pets

Make sure that your pets feel at ease and comfortable. Don’t force them to come to you. Go to them, instead. Photograph your pets on their level, unless you want them to appear looking up at your camera. However, we know how our cats or dogs look in this angle and we always see them this way. Why don’t you come up with something different? Lie on your belly. Sit on the grass. Whatever it takes, try and shoot from your pet’ eye level. It’s interesting to see how your pet sees the world.

Try to capture personality

Try to capture the most interesting expression and characteristic pose of your pet. If he’s happy, capture the smile. If he’s grumpy, capture his irritable face. Having his favorite toys or treats at the ready is a good idea. Also, if you need to be silly just to get the perfect shot, then go. Make unusual movements and funny noises to get your pet’s attention.

Have fun

Finally, you have to be very patient when taking a photo of your pet. No matter how uncontrolled your pet is, if patience is your virtue, your furry friend will eventually relax and give you the best pics you can hope for. Remember, have fun and enjoy every moment of the session. Pet photography shouldn’t be a pain.