magazineIf you think your photos are good enough to be published in a magazine, then go ahead and sell your photos. Here are some tips you might want to consider when selling your photos to a magazine.

Find their address

You have to contact publishers directly before you sell your photos. Once you found their address, send them your very best photo(s). You can find the address on the publisher’s information page listed inside the magazine. Every so often magazines post submission guidelines on their website. For other magazines, visit their website and search under Contact Us.

Talk to the decision maker

You have to be focused when making your pitch to get a favorable result. Try to call the magazine’s main number and ask for the person in charge of decision making – marketing, advertising, editing, or whatever you are after. S

ince there is probably an advertising agency involved, call that company and try to contact the person in charge. You may get dragged around a bit. However, if you can contact directly the decision maker, your marketing will be more effective.

Make the package look good

A professional-looking package will increase the chances that your photos will be sold. Make a high-quality print using an ink-jet printer. You should also use nice, thick, and glossy paper. Send only one or few photos – do not send a portfolio and expect the publisher to decide.

You will make a great impact by submitting your best work. The package should contain a cover letter with your name and contact numbers. You may also want to make a website featuring your entire work and reference that.

Angle your pitch

You should think how the magazine might use your photos and then market in that course. For magazines, try to write a brief story of the type they might publish. For advertisers, try to make a sample ad out of your photos. Use a layout program (like Microsoft Publisher) or word processor program in designing something fancy.

Make a total package

If you really, really want to publish your photo in a magazine, try to sell a total package, that is, sending photos with an article. In general, magazines primarily look for stories instead of photos. So write a very good and interesting story.

Describe the experience behind the photo – your trip, your adventure, etc. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the style and type of articles the magazine publishes.