blurry photo

All of us, especially the beginners, have committed some mistakes in taking digital photos. Even professional photographers make some mistakes from time to time. This article identifies the top 4 photo mistakes – namely, poor lighting, poor composition, red-eye, and blurry photos – and suggests some ways to fix them.

Mistake # 1: Poor lighting

Digital photography is about having a great lighting to capture that magic moment. Sometimes, however, we don’t get the light we want and proceed to take pictures and this is results in poor images. We can fix that.

In a bright light condition, try your camera’s Sunshine or Beach mode. You can also set a faster shutter speed in order to control the amount of light. In a dim light condition, use the night shooting mode. You can also lower your camera’s ISO to 50 or 100 for richer detail.

For indoor shooting, allow natural light to come in and avoid using the flash. In addition to muting color, your flash can cast unflattering stark and deep shadows. When shooting outdoors, follow the basic "against the light" rule. The sun should be behind you when you take pictures. It’s also ideal to shoot at dawn or dusk as it provides lovely light.

Mistake # 2: Poor composition

A minor shift in emphasis can ruin a photo. There are many ways to improve your composition. One of the time-honored techniques that you can follow is the "Rule of Thirds".

Another way to achieve a great composition is to shoot photos at different distances and angles, giving you an idea which perspective will give better results.

Another basic rule in photography is to eliminate those distracting background clutters. You can do this by getting closer to the subject or using the Portrait pre-set mode of your camera.

Mistake # 3: Red-eye

Glowing red eyes can spoil the otherwise cute photo of your child or pet. Red-eye happens when our eyes’ retinas reflect light.

You can avoid this mistake by not using your camera’s flash. Instead, open the curtains or turn the lights on for additional light. You can also take advantage of your camera’s red-eye reduction setting.

Mistake # 4: Blurry photos

Another common mistake is a blurry photo. While a blur can add drama to the photo, it can also make the subject incomprehensible.

In order to add clarity to your photos, you must reduce the shutter lag (the delay between pressing the shutter and when the camera actually records the photo), minimize camera shake, and use the Action shooting mode.