Right, so it is your first time to try your hand at nude photography. You have carefully studied the human nude photography modelform and have all the theories you need for application. Now, here is one of the most difficult parts before you can start taking shots: finding a suitable model.

This is not much of a problem if you are well-known photographers who have an impressive portfolio, a state-of-the-art studio, and professional business card. But what if you are just starting and relatively have less photography experience? Do not be surprised if potential models run away from you if you approach them on the street. Here’s how you can find a suitable model for your nude photography:

Project a professional image

You have to appear professional when approaching and talking to potential models. Show them your portfolio. The portfolio does not need to be a collection of nude photos; show your portfolio to gain the trust of the models. It is better to let the photos do the talking, and take it from there depending on the responses of the prospective models.

You also have to show them a business card. It should not be just a business card, but a professional-looking business card. A makeshift business card or one that is ripped off part of an old photo paper invites suspicion.

Do not go for glamor or amateur models

One option is to get professional or glamor models. Sure, they are definitely good for your portfolio, but there are some major drawbacks.

First, professional models can be very expensive. Remember, you are a struggling photographer and you do not have the resources. Second, they may not be in line with nude photography, as they are keeping some image. Third, many professional models are known for their bad temper and attitude.

Another alternative is to get the services of amateur models. You can even hire nude still life models. But the problem is that while they have no inhibitions whatsoever getting in their birthday suits or can sit or stand still, holding a specific pose for minutes, they may not be able to animate themselves – an important quality that a nude photography model should possess.

Go for someone with self-interest

The third alternative is to find models who would be prepared to pose nude in exchange for a portfolio. These models are likely to put extra effort, resulting in an efficient photo session that translates into great nude photos. These models have the enthusiasm to explore various techniques and perspectives, producing better results compared to perfect but wooden models.

Build a good relationship

You have to forge a good working relationship with your models. And build this on confidence. It is very important when you evaluate and criticize the work. Remember that the very first photo session will set the tone for your future work.