Digital camera bag

Usually, when you buy something, you are going to have to purchase additional items. If you buy a laptop, you will need a stylish but functional bag to carry it. If you buy a bicycle, you will have to buy a lock and a helmet. If you purchase a cell phone, you will probably pay for the case or memory card.

The same thing goes for digital cameras. If you want to have it all and complete the set, there are many additional items you can purchase for your camera: reflectors, tripods, additional lenses, special lenses, etc. But aside from these, there are those basic necessities that you will always have to buy.


Some digital cameras will only require special batteries manufactured by the same company that manufactured the camera, whereas other cameras will take AA’s. So what should you consider when buying batteries for your camera? First, you have to remember that buying cheap disposable batteries is not a good idea. Your digital camera will quickly suck them dry, probably much faster than a hungry vampire sucking blood.

Rechargeable batteries are definitely recommended. Although they have a higher initial cost compared to AA’s, they are cheaper in the long term. Many people use rechargeable nickel metal hydrate (NiMH) batteries, finding them as the best solution. You will also have to purchase a battery charger when you buy rechargeable batteries.

Camera bag

You have to protect your digital camera. Looking for the perfect bag for your device should top your list of must-haves. Look for a water-resistant camera case and one with splash-guard zippers. Look also for one that is padded on the inside to avoid the scratching of camera lens. Consider camera bags with an adjustable strap and easily accessible mesh pockets perfect for water bottles and other things.

If you are into wild settings, you may want to buy a camera bag built to safeguard your cherished cargo from nasty weather and other elements. In addition to being water-resistant, other bags also sport a rain cover. Other bags strap at both the waist and sternum for a more even distribution of weight when you are hiking the trails.

Memory cards

In almost all cases, digital cameras are sold together with a very small amount of built-in memory space. If you are lucky, you can have an external memory card good to hold 5-20 high resolution photos along with the digital camera. Buying a good memory card is important if you do not want to run out of space for those great shots. In digital photography, you can choose from a wide variety of memory cards.

Most memory cards are based on "flash memory", a kind of electronically-erasable and programmable read-only memory. It is a solid-state memory device. One of the major virtues of read-only memory that flash memory memory possesses is durability, non-volatility, and tolerance for high temperature and shock. One downside, however, is that it has a limited write-erase cycles. This problem can be addressed by wear management techniques.