The thrill of outdoor photography is that you will never know when a dramatic scene would come up. But traveldramatic lighting techniques photography photography should not be left to chance. One should know the best times in a day when to expect dramatic lighting and take good shots.

The best times to anticipate for dramatic lighting are just before or after a storm. Often, downpours end with dozens of brilliant rays of sun peeking through the clouds. Another visually stunning location are cathedrals when the suns hits the window and the light is shining on the altar.

Dramatic images could also be spawned during sunrise and sunset. Wait for dawn to break and get near  of landscapes. This is also the same thing when taking shots after the sun has set. Other than the effects of sunrise and sunset, the low-angle light most of the time adds high drama.

Still, there are pitfalls of dramatic illumination. Pictures tend to have lots of contrast. This can be fixed by using the spot meter or by moving close to the subject and taking an exposure reading from the highlights.