framing photography techniqueOne of the basic principles in basic photography is framing. Simply put, it is the idea of filling up the whole frame with your subject. Getting closer shots means you get to see more details of your subject, thus capturing more features of the subject and more emotion if it is a picture of a person.

This is one of the simplest photo techniques yet, it is also one of the hardest to master. For beginners, it is important to know the nuances of your camera so that you will know how it works plus you will get used to carrying it, adjusting your style and technique to whatever works for you. This entails a lot of practice.

The problem usually arises when the photographer commits the mistake of thinking he is already near enough to his subject. Sure, in your mind’s eye, you view your shot as perfect, and that is what you think you see in your viewfinder only to find out after taking the shot that you find your subject farther away than you originally thought it to be.

A simple way to prevent that is to move closer. A few steps forward would do. If you think you are close enough, look at the viewfinder and see if there is still detail that you can eliminate. If in doubt, take a few more steps closer.

A more expensive way of fixing that problem is to use a telephoto lens. This is usually helpful in faraway shots like sports or celebrity events. Getting used to utilizing lens also needs some practice, so take as many shots as you can.

Things are made easier with today’s digital cameras since you can immediately see if the picture comes out right and you could re-do as many shots until you are satisfied. Back then using old point and click cameras, some head space is considered since photo shops usually tend to cut off prints. Since everything is digitized now, it is now you doing the cropping using the photo editor in your own PC.