If you’re into travel photography like most of the photographers out there, then you probably want to get thenatural light photography same photos that they have under their belt. However, some people are disillusioned into thinking that as long as your camera is an expensive one, it will automatically adjust the settings for you. However, you should know that this is far from the truth.

Most of the beautiful light that you will find occurs early in the morning as well as late in the afternoon. This is the optimal time for shooting your photographs. Former picture editor of LIFE, John Leongard explains that "teachers don’t work in the summer and photographers don’t shoot in the middle of the day." This is quite true in a perfect world but for some people, they need to make the most out of every day of shoot while they’re on location.

One of the ways that you can maximize your time while shooting is to know the lighting that is needed in a particular setting. If you would like to have scenic shots as well as exterior shots, you may shoot them early morning or in the late afternoon.

You could essentially get in your indoors shots during mid-day when the lighting is brighter and harsher. If you need to photograph people during the middle of the day, try to look for a backlit or open shade and then use fill flash or a reflector in order to open shadows.

One of the things that you can do is to essentially "stretch" the nice lighting of the early morning by adding another hour of good light by using a warming filter. You can easily attach an 81C or 81 EF to your lenses so that it will give off a warming glow to your pictures.

These filters are able to get the same kind of effect that you get when the sun is just about to rise and or in the late afternoon. The effect is very natural if it’s done in this setting. If you try to do this in the middle of the afternoon at mid-day and it will look very fake and deliberately set up.

Those are the tips that you will need when you’re doing travel photography and you’re going to do some photography in the field. Be sure to have lots of patience when you’re shooting outside. With a little bit of luck, you’ll be able to get in some classic shots that are sure to be your favorite.