Some people have been heard saying that once you have a digital camera, you can be sure that it does all of digital camera exposurethe work. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. It doesn’t just take the push of a single button to get good and properly-exposed photographs. It isn’t always true that the better the camera, the better the photos.

You can easily come up with photographs using a simple consumer point-and-shoot camera just by following some helpful tips. You can easily take lousy shots using an expensive Nikon. It’s not really the camera that makes beautiful images, it’s the photographer. With a little stock knowledge on what to do whenever you’re faced with a potential image, you will be able to come up with a great image.

One of the thing that you should remember to familiarize yourself with is the white balance of your camera. Without discussing it in a technical fashion, the white balance determines how warm or how cool your photos will appear. You might have noticed at one time or another that your shots appeared to be clammy or cool.

If so, you are not alone. The default white balance that you’ve unknowingly set your camera to is one of the cool white balance settings. This is one thing that you should avoid having. If you have this type of white balance setting, then you need to go the opposite direction.

You should warm up the tones of your image especially if it’s shot outdoors. You can accomplish this by simply switching your AWB setting to "Cloudy". This adjustment immediately exposes the picture as if it had a warm filter on the lens.

You can do this every time that you feel your pictures are too clammy or too bluish for your taste. Be sure that you don’t have any accompanying sunlight hitting your subjects or you’re going to be in danger of getting a picture that isn’t remarkably flattering. It can even come out as an overexposed photograph in the end.

So keep in mind that if your pictures have a cool tint to it, then there’s nothing worry about. Just simply switch the white balance setting from Auto to Cloudy and you’re on your way to getting excellent photographs that show the sunny and bright atmosphere you’re in. If you have dull-looking colors in your photograph, remember that it may be time to adjust your white balance setting.