One of the first things that you have to remember whenever you’re composing your photograph is that you photograph simplicityshould make it as simple as possible. Try to find different ways in giving the center of interest in your picture the most visual attention.

One of the ways to do this is to select uncomplicated backgrounds which will not take away attention from your subjects.

If, let’s say, you’re taking a picture of a scene with a public payphone but along with the background, you have a cactus and a bridge that’s in the frame.

How do you know now what subject to focus on? If you’re taking a picture of the whole scenery with a wide angle view, you’re going to lose the attention of the viewer because you’re essentially leading them to so many potential subjects.

The best thing to do in this type of situation is to frame the subject close enough so that you’ll be able to have the viewer focus on one subject.

One of the best subjects that you could probably focus on would be the cactus since you’d be framing it against the sky which would be devoid of any particular distraction. The output is that you have a simplified and improved appearance in your photograph.

One other scenario is if you’re taking a picture of a bird perched on top of a lamp post. What you could avoid is taking a closely cropped picture of a bird that is against some tree leaves.

If you do that, you might have a busy background that will eventually bother the viewer the longer he or she stares at the bird. You could employ the same technique by simply adjusting your point of view by getting the bird in front of a blue sky instead of the busy background given by the trees.

One of the things that you need to remember when composing your photograph is when someone looks at a picture that you’ve taken, they should immediately know the reason why you took that picture. It should be clearly seen. Arrange the other parts of the picture in such a way that they will complement your center of interest.

You should know how much of your subject you should include and whether it should be framed horizontally or vertically. You are faced with so many decisions when it comes to composition so it would be a very challenging decision to keep it simple.