Panoramas and wide-angle shots are always a wonder to look at. These are the shots that you normally see wide angle lensin travel and scenic magazines. You might have stumbled upon such a shot in National Geographic magazine or maybe even TIME.

These are the shots that will leave you breathless and fixated at them for a long period of time-they are shots that will astound you.

So how does exactly one get a particular "wide-angle" shot just like the pros? The secret is in their lens. Most of the professionals opt to use super wide to ultra wide lenses for these particular shots.

It is important to get these lenses if you are interested in landscape photography or if you want to take more interesting pictures of people, landscapes, buildings and other ordinary scenes, you might want to try investing in an expensive but well-worth it wide-angle lens. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will own if you’re a photographer.

Many people try their hand on wide-angle photography by simply starting out with a not-so-wide zoom lens with the 16-35mm f/2.8 of Canon. This is an excellent workhorse because it has a wide focal length that ranges from 35mm to as wide as 16mm. This is one of the best lenses that one will be able to own as it can serve as a lens that’s perfect for documentary photography or journalism photography.

If you would like a slightly wider version of a wide-angle lens, you might want to try your hand in the 15mm fisheye lens. This lens is perfect for those occasions that need a wide point of view with a little touch of creativity. This lens will be able to give you that since the curvature is not rectilinear and will thus give you a "fish eye’s view" of the picture that you’ve taken, thus the name of the lens.

Finally, if you’d like to take a wide-angle picture of a horizon without distorting it as the fisheye does, your best bet is the excellent 14mm f/2.8 lens by Canon which will give you astounding pictures that will not distort your subject in any way. This way, you get to take the entire landscape with you without altering the natural curvature of the horizon.

Those are the different lenses that you can use if you want to take wide-angle shots. Try them out at first before you decide. But when you finally do, be prepared to be astounded with their wide-angled wonder!