Every photographer will eventually want to go beyond the normal kit lens that was included in his or her SLRphotography equipment unit before. And when that day comes, it is good to know that you are able to find articles like this to help you in finding what lens you should get.

There is a continuing debate that if a person should get an extra piece of glass, he or she must opt to get a prime lens. These types of lenses have a fixed focal length which means that they will have to be stuck to that particular length for the remainder of the event. The advantage of having a prime lens as your lens of choice is that it will always give you that important professional photographer look with its depth of field.

For those who have varying situations as well those who want different focal lengths while adjusting their cam, it is recommended that you go for zoom lenses instead. The advantage of zoom lenses could be that you basically have the best of both worlds. The increased popularity of the zoom lenses nowadays are making it a big hit as opposed to those primes which have not yet been able to turn convince others.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for both the prime and zoom lens. For the prime lenses, obviously the disadvantage is not being able to zoom in or zoom out just like that. If you’re using a prime lens, you might have to invade the privacy of the next subject. You will get that wonderful bokeh or background blur but I don’t think it will be as useful and versatile as that of a zoom lens. It’s as if having your cake and eating it too. Sadly the setup does not exist that much because you care about the weight and the price of the lens.

There are a lot of things to carefully consider when you’re buying a lens but it will be much easier if you’re already decided on what type of photographs are you gunning for and in what type of event will you be using that particular lens. If you find that in the future, you will be shooting at an indoor setting that does not allow any particular flash to be fired, then it’s primes for you. For those wackier and much more active events, you might want to have a zoom lens to capture varying degrees of emotion and movement.