In today’s hi-tech world, you have a slew of options to choose from. From various auto-focus cameras to thephotography composition next-generation waterproof ones, the photographer today has virtually limitless potential to take that perfect picture.

However, because of the advantages that are available to each person technologically, the equalizer for any person who’s taking pictures is the composition. This is the factor that makes a big difference between an excellent picture and a mediocre one.

In all of the pictures that we take, we can always choose the boundaries of those photos. We essentially decide to frame every picture a certain way and sometimes that element of framing is everything that matters, all else being equal.

We also choose the perspective and the viewpoint of our photographs and whenever we are taking pictures of people or movable objects, we essentially have the freedom to arrange them as we please.

If you are photographing landscapes, you would want to be the one to move to be able to adjust your point of view and also frame the subjects of interest properly inside the wide-angled landscape shot.

One of the more important things to look out for is the viewpoint that you’re working with. Being able to select your viewpoint from the position that you are primarily in is very important in the composition of your subject.

Most of the time, it is one of the most unappreciated and underused elements in photography. It is important that you always look to change the mediocre and typical layout of your subject within the frame.

One of the best techniques to follow is to simply move yourself. If you’re photographing a pair of slippers and you’re standing next to them, you might want to take a picture of  those sandals with a "worm’s eyeview" or more of a lower angle to accentuate the placement of the object.

Any photograph will take on a totally new dynamic simply because it is an angle that is not explored as much. Try to take an extreme angle of view and shoot something with a different point of view. You can either take it at a very high angle or simply just go all the way down and lie down on the ground for that different approach.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities where you will be able to fully appreciate and experiment in the world of photography. Try changing your viewpoint and amaze yourself in the process.