Indoor shots

Whenever you have cameras with you, there’s bound to be a lot of  people who will be posing for you. One of group photographythe best places that you could have a group picture is outside.

However, if you really need to take pictures indoors, you should be able to compensate for the lack of lighting. Whenever you’re using an external flash along with your camera, be sure to keep the group within the maximum flash distance range.

This is so that all of the individuals in the group will be properly exposed. If you need to add some more lighting you could probably turn on the lights in the room to introduce more light into the room.

Another thing to remember is whenever you’re positioning the people, don’t go more than two rows as the light might not be able to shine on the row furthest from the camera.

Outdoor shots

For outdoor shots, you could simply just position the people if their sun is lighting their faces. It’s also important that the group gets different poses so that it won’t look like a boring, typical class picture. Be sure to have some people looking to the side, some standing while other holding onto someone else.

The important thing is that variety must be present in the picture. To add to the variety, you could probably add two or three different small arrangements in the bigger group. You could probably highlight a trio of characters and also see if you can arrange maybe another four in the group.

Also you should try to pose behind a plain background so that it won’t distract those who will be viewing the picture afterwards. However, having your group centered around a singular device such as a swing or a car will be beneficial for your group.

Just remember that you need to make you indoor shots well-lit enough so that when you’re going to take them, they will have enough detail and not have too much shadows while they are developed. These pesky shadows will ruin your day by the time that you’re reviewing your pictures. For outdoor shots, on the other hand, the rule of thumb is to keep it very dynamic.