Freelance photography is one of the most rewarding careers which has the possibility of taking you around freelance photographerthe world or maybe even just around the country if you wish. You might need to have a little experience under your belt and some convincing photos but once you’ve had considerable experience working under a particular field, then you will be rewarded. Here are just some of the viable markets that are available for freelance photographers.


There are a lot of books and book titles being produced. The non-fiction department alone will already give you a run for your money since these types of literature will constitute photographs featuring interiors of houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants and other buildings. You might also be interested in taking creative photographs that could be used as stock for upcoming novels. Normally, people commission photographers to find a photograph or shoot something that will solidly complement the title and the mood of the novel that will be published. There are book publishers who will only require photographs of specific subjects during certain times such as autumn shots for an outdoor book on nature or maybe photographs of children playing for a child development text book in a university. One of the best ways you could delve into this particular field is to simply introduce yourself in a letter and an extensive portfolio of your work to the client. You may want to also give them some layout examples if you have had any experience in layout design yourself. The possibilities for a photographer in the industry of photographing subjects for books are quite vast and so this might be a good place to start for any aspiring photographer.

Calendars, Posters and Cards

Another thing that you can do is to take photographs for those who are in the posters and cards business. You may want to try this because even though there are card publishers which have the tendency to rely on artwork and traditional media, there are some companies which heavily rely on the photographs of other people in order for them to diversify their collection. It is important to note that there is also the postcard market to consider. You shouldn’t forget about the millions of people who are all over the world who simply send home the sights and scenes where they’ve been. If you’re good enough, then you’ll be able to travel around the world. The demand for these images is large enough for new pictures to be submitted on a regular basis. This is one of the areas that you might want to explore when considering to be a freelance photographer.

So there you have it, a couple of fields that you might be interested in once you’re already in the freelance world of photography. You might also want to try your hand in events coverage or stock image submissions if you’re still out of options. But these two areas might be worth your camera’s shutter click in the long run.