If you happen to notice your favorite photographs, you will be able to see that there are several commongood photographer factors that they share. If you look at the photographs that get printed in a travel magazine, you will be able to conclude that there are simple but consistent elements that those photographs contain.


Most of the great photographs are all about people. Whatever they are doing and however they are expressing themselves. Most of the good shots are all about people.

There are some attributes that the excellent people photographs have. If you look at your favorite magazine photographs about people, they already have a single element that binds them and those are mostly the emotions and empathy that come along with the person’s face.

A good photograph should evoke emotion from the person viewing it. Try to avoid crowds and make the photograph simple enough so that it will be narrowed down to one person.

The more popular subjects for photographs of people are old people as well as children. They have innocent and pensive expressions so these emotions will come out as provocative shots which contain so much emotion.

Clear layout

This is all about composition. If you notice, the good shots do not have any distracting background behind your subject. You will always find a good shot that just zooms in on one particular subject and holds your attention to that subject the whole time. You should be able to make things look easy on the eye.

If you have to, zoom in or get close to your subject or go to eye level or find a simple backdrop that will aid you in composing your photograph and your subject’s orientation. Find the balance in your picture by giving it enough sparse background and positioning your subject accordingly.

Solid colors

One of the most underused factors that most photographers do not emphasize or take pictures enough of are bold colors. Whenever you see images which are ‘stock-quality’ images, your attention will always be drawn to those images which have bold, strong and vibrant colors.

Whether you are looking at a typical red sports car or an emerald sash across a brunette’s ponytail, you will notice that colors have a way of drawing your attention to the subject. So make sure that you will always have something colorful to photograph. Sooner or later, you yourself will be naturally attracted to colors which attract the eye. Shooting colors will become second nature to you.

These are just some of the suggestions that you may incorporate in your next photo shoot or photo session. You might want to give yourself an assignment of shooting colorful subjects or a theme that comprises all of the hues of a single color.

You may want to try photographing several subjects without having any distractions. This could be your assignment on composition. Whatever your challenge to yourself is, make sure that you will be able to practice these techniques for they may help improve your photography very much.