Taking candid pictures is quite a feat if you’re inexperienced at first but the more practice that you put candid photographyinto it, the more often you’ll be able to pull it off. With that being said, here are some of the guerilla tactics that some photographers use whenever they’re trying to capture candid shots.

Act Inconspicuous

One part wherein candid photographers excel at is blending in with the crowd. They have that acquired skill of lurking between the crowd, going unnoticed. One of the things that they do is they dress appropriately.

If you plan to take pictures at a sporting event and you’re dressed in a formal attire, you would naturally attract attention. That would also be true if the situations were reversed such as dressing inappropriately during a formal function.

You should look just like the people you’re photographing and you should act normal. The only exception is that you’re lugging around a rather large piece of equipment around your neck.

Another trick to avoid being noticed is to wear bright colors or very distinctive clothing. That way, you’ll be able to still get the shots that you want without looking like a big bullseye roaming about. Also try to have your face slightly away from the people you’re photographing.

Another important thing is to also avoid eye contact. That way you’ll be focused on the task at hand and people won’t be as conscious when they see that they’re not being photographed. If they’re in a crowd, they’ll probably think that you’re taking pictures of someone else so that way, they’ll seem more relaxed, thus making their facial expressions more natural.

Another thing is you should avoid certain sudden movements to avoid people’s eyes to be attracted to you. Finally, you can talk to a friend during your shoot-maybe even another photographer and as you’re chatting you can shoot a few pictures every now and then to capture the candid moment of an event.

Another helpful way for you to be able to photograph people while shooting them in a candid pose is to take a wide-angle lens which will be able to take in more elements of your surroundings in the whole frame.

Therefore, you could essentially point your camera in a slightly different angle and not to the person directly and still get the person in the picture. The person would think that you were taking pictures of something else but you were framing the picture in such a way that the subject didn’t know he or she was being photographed. It is a very stealthy way to photograph people who are very self conscious when it comes to cameras.

So the main rule of thumb is to simply act like you’re not a photographer. Try to blend in using the above techniques and if you’re fortunate enough to get a camera lens that will allow you to take wide angle shots, then you’re all set. All you have to do is blend in and shoot.