camera lense choicesSo you’d like to take better pictures? Well, aside from having a really good SLR in hand, you should also remember that the lenses will make or break a photograph. Choosing specific types of lenses should be a seasoned photographer’s primary concern because it is in these lenses that a good picture is ultimately achieved.

There are lenses that work best in specific types of situation and there are even those which produce a specific effect. Whatever situation the photographer is in, whether it be in a sporting event or maybe an indoor event which doesn’t require any flash, the type of lens is the one thing that ensures a good photograph. Knowing that, here are some lenses that you should look into if you’re looking to diversify your pictures as well as improve them.

Wide-Angle Lens

Even though some people are in the habit of taking landscape pictures using telephoto lenses, most photographers who take shots of landscapes opt for wide-angle lenses. These lenses are especially suited for large, dynamic landscapes where background and foreground are suited to catch the viewer’s attention. This is a type of lens that also can focus on the foreground and background and because of the wider field of vision, it is a better choice in getting all of the things that you would like to highlight in any scenery.

Zoom Lens

A zoom lens is used to either shorten or widen the lens’ focal length. This is especially helpful if you would like to increase the magnification of a subject. This feature is used in different types of photography such as portrait photography or landscape photography. The only drawback in zoom lenses is that they have small aperture openings which doesn’t enable them to take pictures in low-light conditions.

Telephoto Lens

There is a subtle difference between zoom and telephoto lenses. A zoom lens magnifies the image while a telephoto lens essentially brings the subject "closer" to the photographer. There is a reduction in the distance between objects in the photograph and the camera’s lens. This enables a telephoto lens to exhibit more detail than the human eye could see at the same distance.

Fixed-Focal Length Lens

This is the type of lens that you cannot adjust. If you’re used to turning the movable part of a lens to zoom in and out of focus, then you’ll be surprised when you encounter a fixed-focal length lens. These types of lenses are for low-light conditions because their apertures are quite large and you don’t have to worry about using them in places that have poor lighting. These lenses also have a beautiful background blur which produce excellent artistic shots. You’ll be able to find that these types of lenses are excellent in getting that real artsy feel in a picture.

So there you have it, a rundown of the different lenses that a photographer normally uses. Whatever purpose you are after, there is a lens that is out there specifically for you. Look around and try as much lenses so that when you do make that final choice, you’ll be more than satisfied with how it turns out.