The future of digital photography lies in the balance. With the advent of several improvements in digital digital photography futureimaging technology has invited other industry players to try their hand in the digital photography business. The past has seen third-party camera lenses providers enter the DSLR market and other imaging solutions also taking a bite out of the same cake. However, the range of the future of digital photography is too wide to be limited only by innovations in sizes of CCDS and sensors. Here are just some of the changes that you can expect in the expansive field of digital photography:

Photoshop CS3

Adobe has already released a public beta version of their third CS installment of the award-winning software. This is one of the highlights that could happen in the year 2007. Photoshop has been constantly been the digital photographer’s choice of image-editing software for a long time now and Adobe is sure to not disappoint their millions of fans. They will no doubt come up with a better and more enhanced version of their software. Whatever the changes will be is only left to our imagination.

Photoshop podcasts will continue to increase

This new way of learning is catching up with digital imaging aficionados. The number of photoshop podcasts last year has grown and there were programs before such as Photoshop TV where Dave Cross and a few Photoshop experts put up a 30-minute television show which featured Photoshop and the many wondrous images and creations that one could come up with. In the iTunes music store, if one does a search for the keyword “Photoshop”, around 50+ selections will come up. With this type of learning becoming very increasingly popular, it would not be a surprise of more people would have podcasts that will cater to the digital imaging niche.

More digital photography workflow applications

Adobe and Apple already have the market excited with Lightroom and Aperture. These digital darkrooms will see a lot more action in the coming months because as technology becomes better, the innovation of those who support it will only increase as well. The future for these digital photography applications is bright and it will only push digital photographers to come up with photos which are much better and more accurate method. Expect even more upgrades from these two digital imaging companies in the months and years to come.

Printing will propagate

Because conventional printers which have been known for paper documents are now changing in order to accommodate the new breed of digital photographers, it is likely that people will look to print their work. Both photographers and companies will print their pictures professionally in a level only offered by the currently evolving printer companies. Epson, Hewlett-Packard and Canon are all in a rat race in order to gain the top spot of printing excellence. You should expect to find the capability to print even more professional-grade pictures through the improved quality of the hardware and software of these companies.