For those of you who have pets or are into pet photography, there will be times that a beautiful photographpet photography will not come easy. Either the pet will be uncooperative or the photos will seem as if they were rushed. There are other factors that will contribute to the success and failure of each photograph but for those things which you have control over, here are some tips that you can integrate into your next session.

Have Fun

The first rule of taking pictures of animals is to have fun while doing it. There will be several expressions that the animal will do while sitting down. It would be a very good idea if you try to enjoy the moment of photographing the animal especially if it’s your pet. It would also be great if you did not put too much pressure on your pet. Just go with the flow and take whatever your pet gives you. You just might be surprised with the results.

Look for the light

Although the best possible lighting for pets is achieved outside using natural light, there could be some risks if your pet is an indoor pet such as a parrot. For instances such as these, what you could do is you could simply position your pet near a window where natural light can be found. You can either have the natural light just hit the side of your pet’s profile or have it directly shine on your pet.

Be sure to avoid having direct sunlight on your pet’s face as it can drastically alter the different colors as well as increase the contrast between shadows and highlights of your pet’s face. Bright, direct sunlight can also hide several details that could have been there if not for the intensity of light present in that area.

Avoid using your camera’s flash

Although, it could be able to light some parts of the picture, using flash may serve to include red eye in your pet’s picture. One exception to this rule is if your pet has a dark black coat, it would be better if you try using the flash in order to bring out certain textures that might be lost otherwise if done in different lighting conditions.

Photograph them from their point of view

If your pet Labrador is sitting on the lawn and you wish to have a good photograph of them, try sitting near them or maybe even lying down just to be able to photograph them from their point of view. It would be a better shot if your pet’s full body shot was taken from the side rather from above. Overall, positioning either yourself or your pet accordingly it makes for more interesting shot.

These are just a few tips on how to photograph your pet the best way possible. It would be better if you try a few more experimental shots such as getting closer to your pet or just capturing moments of them when they are most active. Whatever technique you wish to employ, be sure to think like your pet and enjoy the moment while you’re at it.