The thing that accompanies photography for some people is the art of scrapbooking. Instead of normal scrapbookingalbums where you place your photos into transparent slots, you turn a blank page into a decorative creation. This is the hobby of scrapbooking.

The particular hobby can be quite an expensive hobby once you really get into it and start wanting to make each and every page an aesthetic wonder. It would be a better idea if your scrapbook was done in a very frugal manner. That way, you’ll be able to effectively stretch your budget and produce more pages in the long run.

Be organized

If you’ve been into scrapbooking for quite some time now, you might have just about enough in order to continue your current scrapbooking trend. Try to organize everything that you own in order to maximize its use. It will be a good idea to sort out what you already have in order to find out what you need to buy and what materials you already have. The expenses that you will be incurring then are calculated expenses and not the ones you’ll end up regretting after.

Practice bulk-buying

Get into the habit of buying those little cardboard cutouts in bulk to be able to get most of the colors that you need and may need in the future. You can also split the cost of patterned paper with someone else so you’ll get more for less. The point is, when shopping for scrapbooking stuff, you would be doing yourself a favor if you were able to get more bang out of your buck.

Plan in advance

For your border accents, backgrounds, themes, motifs and photo sets, it would be best if you were able to plan out the appearance and the organization of the different photographs that you have. If you would like to set your vacation in Hawaii onto a tropical theme, then buy accordingly and plan the appearances of the different pages once you’re ready to buy. That way, you essentially avoid impulse spending on a paper accent that looks good but is not essential to your scrapbook theme.


You can use everyday objects as guides for your patterns. If you already have a cd, then you can make use of it as a circular template. If you have Post-it notes lying around, you can use those as a square template. Maybe you can improvise even more when you look around your house. There are a thousand and one things that you can use in order to create decent-looking templates. It only takes a creative mind to discover them.

Embellish with everyday objects

If you are able to find scrapbooking materials in everyday objects, then you’re on your way to saving up even more money than before. Whether these materials be paper clips or pins, these materials, when used properly and creatively, will give your scrapbook pages a better feel and a more tactile and solid feel when you add them.