So you’re all set to embark on that week-long vacation that you’ve been planning the whole year. You want vacation picturesto be able to take good pictures of your trip but you have no idea how to go about it. The only thing you know is that you don’t want it to be another typical album full of your pictures that you took. This time, you want it to be something worth looking at the next time you take a stroll down memory lane.

The only way that it will be memorable for you and for the people who will be viewing your pictures is if you are able to take the viewer of your pictures into the same journey that you took-if you are able to give them a chance to witness whatever it was you witnessed. So, with that being said, here are some practical tips on how to photograph memories of a trip.

Assume the role

Always think about how your pictures or your prints will look like when you finally show them to your friends and relatives. Always take time out to photograph scenic spots as well as document whatever it is you are doing at a particular point in time. Waiting for luggage at the airport? Shoot the busy people pacing back and forth.

Just discovered a restaurant with awesome service? Take a picture of the menu and the staff serving you as well as the outside shot of the place. The important thing is you won’t get to say, "Oh yeah I ate at a beautiful place with a nice veranda overlooking the sea but I don’t have any pictures to show you." Nothing is more discouraging than that.

Take pictures of yourselves beside "Welcome to…" signs.

This is a nice way of introducing your next itinerary for the day. This type of photograph allows the reader to expect what is coming. Also, it can replace your introductory welcome slide or picture which says that you’re at this place. The picture will do the rest of the talking for you. And so will you memory photo album

Bring a compact camera

Although most vacationers would prefer a professional’s camera, it is quite important for you to be able to take a picture at all times. Whether it’s a digital or a compact film camera, it would be a great idea if taking a digital photo did not entail too much effort on your part-especially if you need that photo right now.

Because certain memorable moments only come in few bunches, you should be able to immediately take out your camera during an unexpected time and shoot a parade you happened to pass by on your way to the last flight out of that foreign country.

No need to be worrying about setting up your gear and switching lenses and setting the aperture. If the moment is there for the taking, all you need is a compact camera to capture the moment and savor it when you finally get to print it.

Fill the frame

When photographing people, it is a good idea to be able to come up to them and fill in the digital camera frame with their faces. It would be a nice technique for group shots if you tried to fill in the frame of the camera viewfinder with most of their features and bodies so as not to waste frame space.

Also remember to fire the flash whenever you’re taking pictures of people even when they are outdoors so you’ll be able to illuminate their faces and have greater detail.