There will always come a time when you’re nonchalantly browsing a magazine and you’ll suddenly stop and photographing childrenlook at a model seemingly caught in a candid or jovial pose. You become amazed at how the photographer was able to capture such a random and spur-of-the-moment shot.

You wonder how the photographer must be really good with his or her technical skills to be able to capture the drama or the joy that the photograph holds. What the reader doesn’t know is that these shots were carefully and patiently composed by the photographer.

Whether it’s the shot of a kid’s face standing out from a sea of faces or a 40-year-old lazily lounging amidst an autumn backdrop, the photographer was responsible in some way or another to orchestrate that camera moment.

Knowing that good model photographs are made and not randomly caught, here are some posing tips for younger audiences to help you the next time you have a willing model at hand.


For the most part, babies are wonderful subjects to photograph simply because they are always themselves when in front of the camera. They simply do not care whether the photographer is just about to press the shutter to take their picture. Their expressions are always natural when in front of the camera. This is what makes them such wonderful photo subjects.

When taking pictures of babies, try to have something which limits your model’s range of motion. Anything from a play pen or a highchair will do as long as you are able to contain him or her in a single area.

Then, try to cast some mellow light from two different directions so as not to give strong shadows and set the shutter speed to about 1/125. Avoid crowds in the set and also try to keep the mother out of sight as much as possible. Toys will also help in eliciting that classic baby pose. The rest is up to your timing.


When children are being photographed, they would normally want their pictures to be good pictures. Because of this, children will normally cooperate when their picture is being taken. It is quite easy to have children pose because they are naturally born actors.

Just have them think that they are a regal king or a happy butterfly and they will smile or smug accordingly. Think about make-believe games and watch out for those natural expressions when they do loosen up.