Let’s say that you already booked that first photo shoot which will allow you to test your new camera’s photography preparationcapabilities. You’re looking to do some sequential shots and slow shutter speed shots but before you do anything else, be sure to go over these things or else you’ll be sorry.

Get a camera bag. It’s very important to have a camera bag that will house your new gadget. Getting a camera bag will not only allow you to lug your potentially heavy camera and accessories around but it will serve as protection against the elements.

When bringing your camera bag, make sure that the camera is in it. It won’t do you any good if you have a lot of camera lenses and equipment inside the bag if you don’t have the camera itself in it. Always double-check the accessories and the camera that are in your camera bag.

Confirm if you have spare batteries in stock and if they are, make sure that they are fully charged. There’s nothing more irritating than the fact that you can’t take any more decent photos just because you can’t turn on your external flash.

If you will be doing some indoor photography, make sure that the battery charger is with you. It will do you good if you follow this tip because with all of the shooting that you will be doing, it won’t hurt you at all if you have the option of being able to charge your batteries in-between shooting breaks.

Try to confirm if you need any other extra accessories such as filters, extra lenses, or maybe a tripod so you can be in the group picture as well. After you’ve checked off your list, double-check everything and pack accordingly.

Try to see if the memory card of your camera is full. If it is, then it would be best to transfer the files to your hard drive or onto a portable storage media. If it isn’t, then you’re one step closer to that shoot. You’re ready to lock and load.

Try to have a rough estimate on how many shots you’ll be taking. After getting a number, double that amount of memory that you’ll be taking with you. There’s nothing more discouraging than snapping that last group picture only to note that you don’t have any memory left.