There is an ongoing debate as to whether digital capture will replace traditional film capture. The didgital photography advantagesintroduction of new technology has breathed life into the film photograph. There are many advantages of using digital capture over traditional film capture. So when must one use digital capture?

Large-format printing

If you would like to print whatever you would like to print, it would be best if you used digital cameras which have the capability to capture file sizes which have a larger format compared to their SLR film counterparts. These also have the ability to capture these shots without compromising the detail and the tonal range of the colors that it is attempting to reproduce.

Taking out the grain

The overall image quality also rests on how much amount of grain is present in the reproduced photograph. This is also called image noise. It is important to know that grain or noise is very pronounced especially when it is scanned already and printed. What’s more is when a film-based image is enlarged to print to a larger format, the grain in the picture becomes much more prominent, giving notice to the annoying noise that is evident in the picture.

If you want to take out this residual grain, then capturing the image with a digital camera is a better choice. It will eliminate the grain and also give the reproduced image a smoother appearance which will look more like the original copy.

Skipping of generations

With regard to the digital film processing, the digital camera technology has fewer the generations and thus, the better it becomes. The advantage of direct digital capture from traditional film is that it enables one to go from the original art to a digital print, all in one generation. That means it skips the two generations of converting the original art into film and then the conversion of that film print into a digital image and then the printing of that image.

The more conversions there are, the more the quality is compromised and if one is able to eliminate these steps, it may be better because it will contribute to the overall resolution of the image. What’s more is with regard to film, it additionally requires chemicals for one to process it which makes it a very volatile process where color shifts and color casts are applied.

Time is gold

Finally, one of the advantages of digital capture is when you are using a professional digital SLR camera, you are able to immediately see the quality of the image that you have just taken. You may be able to compare its color tone, composition and several other elements right after you’ve taken the photograph. As opposed to film,you will still have to finish the roll, have it delivered to a photo printing shop and have it printed.

Here are the different advantages of using digital capture. It clearly has its distinct advantages over the traditional film capture. For the film purists, it may be a hard sell but for those who have already given it a shot, it’s worth the switch.