Newspapers may contain stories and memories that you want to preserve and include in your scrapbooking newspaper scrapbookingalbums. Unfortunately, newspapers are made of paper that contains acid and other chemical that can deteriorate the paper. Remember that acid paper that touches a photograph would cause the image to ruin.

Also, old newspapers get a yellowish color as they decompose. Here are little tips that you can use to make your newspaper clipping viewable for future generations.

Archival spray – The ingredients in the archival spray neutralize the acid in the paper and help restore it back to its original state. Example of this product is “Archival Mist.” This product may be somewhat expensive and are available in scrapbook supply stores.

Acid neutralizing paints – If you find Archival Mist too expensive, just go to the spray paint store and look for “Make It Acid Free” by Krylon. As you can see, it is a clear paint that also neutralizes the acid on your newspaper clippings.

Scan your clippings – You can scan your clippings onto acid-free paper and disregard the original. Modern scanners can do a good job recreating documents to look just like the original.

Photocopier – If you do not have a scanner, you can take your clipping to your local print shop and have them copied onto acid-free paper.