Being a photography buff doesn’t always mean waiting for a nice, sunny day to step out of the house and takestorm photography pictures. Bad weather can mean opportunities to take that shot that stands out from the rest of the pack. 

Rainy days for example, gives you a chance to play around with reflections. Take that photo of the puddle reflecting the flashy neon sign and the sexy girl standing underneath. Or turn that street scene into an abstract landscape with those buildings and their shimmery doppelgangers.

Stormy days are also the few times that you can try your hand at catching that amazing lightning strike on film. Bring a raincoat, your patience and don’t forget to use that “bulb” setting on the shutter speed. Those tempestuous nimbus clouds make great subjects by themselves too.

And during the winter season, absolutely beautiful landscapes can be taken after a fresh snowfall or blizzard. The contrast of the pure white snow and your subject can make a good composition a great one. Be wary of exposure problems though, as white snow reflects a lot of light. Fiddle around with your manual controls and trust your experience on this one.

In all cases, don’t forget to protect your gear, and yourself as well. Especially if you’re the type who wants to take that dramatic tornado shot.