camera lens filtersShooting in black and white becomes more vivid when you put a colored filter on your camera lens. Using different color filters create different results. Here is your basic guide to this photography technique.

Red filter – Red tends to have a dramatic effect as it lightens the yellows and reds while darkening the blues of the sky. This brings a dull photograph jump to life. Red filters are ideal for “moonlit shots” during the day and for clouds in an impending storm. However, do note that red filter is not appropriate for low-light conditions or active subjects. If you find red filters too dramatic, you can opt for an orange-red filter, which

Yellow filter – This is one of the more popular types of filters for black and white photography, especially for landscapes. This darkens a blue sky so white clouds appear with greater brilliance.

Orange filter – This darkens blue even more than yellow filters to create a very dramatic cloud details in landscape pictures. Orange filters are also the most popular for magical effects.

Green filter – Green makes greens lighter and reds darker. However, it brightens vegetation, making it look completely white.

Sky light or ultraviolet filter – This filter acts as an excellent lens protector and also as a transparent layer filter that will absorb ultraviolet light.

Other filters – There are other colored filters available, usually a mix of two known filter colors. For instance, the green-yellow filter can provide good results in skin and sky.